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Zref v.1.1
In a small garden on a small street a small body lay in the dirt. The body, which belonged to a dwarf who was not only short for his age, but also his breed, struggled to his hands and knees, grunted, and then rolled to a sitting position. Zref examined his shins, which were heavily scraped; blood dribbled down his leg. Tears dribbled down his cheeks.
Grateful that no one had seen him trip, over nothing apparently, Zref felt his relief flood away as he remembered his destination. Everyone in the City of Portlight, probably everyone in the world, knew who lived in that tower: Xanthrymir, Wizard of the Sixteen Essences was a legendary figure without peer. It was Xanthrymir, the White Sorcerer, who had cast the Spined One from the realm of life. Rumor had it that Xanthrymir was centuries, maybe even millennia old, and that he had been the one who subdued the draco-lich Narthlep, freeing the three races from demon slavery and leading them to dominance in the world.
The tower had its own re
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1) Maricella. Human. Goes by "Ella," gets angry at anyone who calls her anything else, usually to the point of violence. She has long, raven-colored hair, and wears tight leather pants and a blouse. She doesn't believe in showing off her "charms" but she doesn't want to be bogged down if she goes overboard. She gets violent with anyone who stares at her too. Keeps a pet dragonette -- a small flying lizard -- that follows her everywhere. Elsbeth (the dragonette) is a shiny blue-green color, though her scales change slightly with her mood, which often reflects Ella's. Ella carries a rapier and a dagger, and is also handy with a crossbow. Ella is 5'8", emerald green eyes, and cuts a figure that makes men drool. Age 18. Ella has been at sea for 6 years, with the current crew for one year. She was a peasants' daughter, sold into slavery to pay her family's debts. Her first five years were apparently spent with a less savory group, and she doesn't say much at all about what she went through
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Where to start.

I had a dream last night where I was visiting my grandparents, and my grandad died very early in the morning, or else doing the night. I took my daughter to bed and then lifted my mourning grandmother, who weighed about the same. I set her on her bed and just held her.

No one else in the family had heard yet and kept asking when grandad was going to get up. And every time they asked, I cried.

It's not a dream that was out of no where. I actually leave in a few hours to visit him in Bountiful, Utah. I don't expect him to last to see May, and almost certainly not June. I'm fully prepared to go to a funeral while I'm out there this week if it comes to that. It's been hard. Here I am at 33 and I've never dealt with the death of anything more significant than a guinea pig (though let me tell you, i cried for that, dammit). I havent been sure how to feel. But when I pray about him, I feel like breaking down and crying.

Grandad has lived a long life. He learned Chinese to aid in intelligence during World War II -- and he was in Hawaii when Pearl Harbor was attacked. He's raised 7 children, and has something on the order of 25 grandchildren and at least a dozen great-grandchildren.  He's nearly 90 now. He's been a good, church-going man and has been a solid rolemodel for me.

What is it? Does this make me even more adult? Now I know one more thing to write about? I can now speak intelligently to the subject of grief? Is that what this is good for? Should I just break down and let it all out? I don't know.

Anyway, there's other stuff I was goign to mention, but I don't feel like it now.

Sorry I've been so long without a deviation. I have tons of pics in my camera, I just haven't gotten to it. Since I'll be out of town for a week, don't expect any before then. Peace.


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